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Today's Business Climate

Despite the diverse nature of our clients' businesses in the Aerospace and Defense, and Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions and Medical and Life Sciences industries, they face many of the same business and market pressures:

  • Compressed market windows
  • Tightening R&D budgets
  • Unpredictable and late product development
  • Improved ROI from product investments

In today's cost conscious, yet risk-averse business climate, Foliage offers comprehensive product development solutions specifically tailored to meet the critical business needs of each of our clients. Our diverse teams of highly skilled and talented professionals deliver the right blend of skills and services to ensure clients launch their next-generation products predictably and cost-effectively in spite of these market pressures.

Not only does Foliage understand how to develop for reliability, scalability, extensibility, testability and manufacturability, we do it within the environment of these business and market pressures. It's what we've been doing for over two decades—successfully for hundreds of clients.

A Systems Approach

Our method to successful development relies on applying a disciplined systems-thinking approach to product development. This approach leads clients to more effectively manage quality, risk, schedule and cost to meet the demands of customers and shareholders.

Although Foliage has an extensive record of successfully bringing over 500 complex software-intensive and electromechanical systems to market for clients, we know that an approach, no matter how well proven, isn't enough. It needs the support of best practices that extend to all facets of system design and implementation.

We work with clients to reduce product development and support costs, while also reducing your development time and risks. Take advantage of our full portfolio of development services that includes:

  • Product definition, planning and risk management
  • Complete system engineering and design for test and manufacturability
  • Full turnkey product or system development including verification within regulated environments
  • Integrated development teams

How to Get Started

Development of complex software-intensive and electromechanical products and systems has been our focus since Foliage began in 1991. It's what we do. We can do it for you.

Let's talk today.