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Our Experience: Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

This is just a sample of our extensive work in the Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions industry. To learn more about our capabilities and how Foliage can support your next development effort, contact us.


  • AMHS Performance Improvement
  • Cryogenic Refrigeration Control System
  • Lithography Control System Auto Test
  • Architecture for New Loadport
  • Remote Tuning of Biomechanical System
  • Material Handling for Solar Cell Manufacturing


  • Next Gen Textile Cutter Control System
  • Wafer Metrology Control System
  • Assessment of Solar Equipment Technology and Architecture
  • Apparel Design Software Consulting
  • Corporate-wide System R&D Efficiencies


  • System for Pallet Building
  • Solar Inverter Control System
  • Automated Warehouse Control
  • Solar Cell Inspection System
  • Next Gen CVD Tool
  • Manufacturing Test Systems



  • Airport Security System
  • Laser Marker Architecture Assessment
  • Lithography Lens Metrology System
  • Biomechanical Motor Control
  • Metrology Control System


  • Control System and Algorithms for Solar-Cell Silicon
  • Solar Energy Control System Assessment and Repair
  • EUV Laser Control System
  • Textile Cutter Peripherals
  • Semiconductor Equipment Test Fixtures
  • LED Arrays for Solar Testing


  • EUV Laser Development
  • 450mm Tool Development
  • SemiTest System Business Logic
  • Ethernet Control Module
  • Beverage Filler Development
  • Warehouse Automation Assessment and Control System Development