Foliage Industries

One Size Doesn't Fit All

At Foliage, we recognize that it takes more than technical expertise and talent to develop products and systems that will be game changers for our clients. The industries that Foliage serves - Aerospace and Defense, Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions and Medical and Life Sciences – all face unique challenges. And, they require specialized strategy, planning and development approaches.

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With experience ranging from the highest levels of safety and criticality in regulated industries to the rigors of five nines up-time in the manufacturing industry, Foliage has developed some of the most sophisticated products and applications using standards including:

  • FDA 510(k) and PMA regulated development
  • Class II and Class III compliant medical devices
  • IEC 60601 and 62304 compliant development
  • RTCA DO-178, DO-278, DO-254 and DO-160 aviation software and complex hardware through all certification levels
  • EAR and ITAR controlled development
  • CMMI Level 3 compliant process

Additionally, Foliage works regularly within clients' QMS, ours or a hybrid model where it makes sense for the client and the program.

Leverage our Knowledge and Experience

Our consultants and technologists immerse themselves in the industries they serve. Combined with their industry knowledge and technical expertise is an insatiable appetite to keep learning—to stay on top of the technologies and regulations that drive rapidly evolving industries.

We continue to be at the leading edge of technology and "best/next practices" for the industries we serve. Our practice leaders ensure that our technology consulting and product development services are aligned with your business, your industry and what your organization needs to be successful. When you partner with Foliage, you benefit from a cross-functional, collaborative team that will hit the ground running—immediately; and, complement your team's specific core technical knowledge.

At Foliage, we're committed to helping you develop products with a difference.

Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your company.