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Solid State Technology

Cut Costs: Improve Competitive Advantage.

Featured Article:
Solid State Technology

The Semiconductor Industry: Out in Front, but Lagging Behind


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Product Design & Development

Connecting to the Industrial Internet of Things

Serving the Capital Equipment Industry

Foliage's work for the Capital Equipment industry spans more than two decades and includes the development of over 75 complex control and manufacturing systems. We develop and execute on technology strategies that support the product needs over the complete lifecycle—not just the product launch. In doing this, we leverage concepts such as:

  • Product line architectures
  • Technology migration strategies
  • Integrated and Cloud-based analytics

Sectors Served

  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Capital Equipment and Manufacturing Systems
  • Solar and LED
  • Robotics and Automated Material Handling
  • Textiles

Our Capabilities

Extensive Development Experience
Real-time, electromechanical controls and application software for products ranging from:

  • front-end semiconductor equipment and wafer inspection equipment
  • metrology
  • automated material handling
  • statistical process control systems for continuous manufacturing processes

Design, Development and Test Expertise
Complex software and hardware for Intelligent Manufacturing systems and subsystems, sensor data fusion and analytics, and cloud-based systems

Full Product Lifecycle Support
Software, electrical, mechanical, enhancements, value and sustaining engineering, documentation

Our capabilities are delivered within a comprehensive suite of services to improve program predictability and productivity while driving overall product reliability. Our unique combination of consulting and product development services can mitigate your specific system development challenges, allowing you to focus on developing products with a difference and delivering what your customers want, when they want it.

Contact us today and let us show you how we're different.