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Alignment is Key

The Aerospace industry faces intense pressure to deliver mission and safety critical systems while also satisfying contract, cost and time-to-market goals. In Aerospace, as with most industries, time to delivery is critical and missing deadlines incurs significant financial penalties. Foliage understands this from first-hand experience.

Foliage delivers value to our Aerospace clients by working within their business and development organizations to accelerate delivery, improve NRE efficiency and staff productivity while containing overall system development costs. We achieve these objectives with a systematic approach that aligns business, organization, process, and product architecture objectives.

In our experience working with leading companies in this industry for over two decades, too often organizations view regulatory standards - DO-178/278, DO-254, DO-160 - as development burdens. However, we believe that to excel in this highly competitive market, these requirements must be viewed as required best practices for the successful development of complex products for airborne applications–and not merely necessities.

Sectors Served

  • Commercial and Civil Aerospace
  • Government and DoD Systems
  • Unmanned Systems

Our Capabilities

Design, Development and Test Expertise
Complex software and hardware for embedded and mobile devices to enterprise, GIS, sensor data fusion and analytics, and cloud-based systems

Extensive Development Experience
Including DO-178, DO-278, DO-254 and DO-160 for instrumentation, displays and controls in land, sea, air, and space-based systems

Export Control
EAR/ITAR controls for design and development of custom solutions for commercial, defense, and government-related programs

Full Product Lifecycle Support
Software, electrical, mechanical, enhancements, value and sustaining engineering, documentation

Our capabilities are delivered within a comprehensive suite of services to improve program predictability and productivity. Our unique combination of consulting and product development services can mitigate your specific system development challenges, allowing you to focus on developing products with a difference and delivering what your customers want, when they want it.

Contact us today and let us show you how we're different.